April 26, 2014

Venus Factor Review-Dealing with emotion and aggression

Give me ten minutes, it will tell you its decision
I imagine that you will not like it if your request is refused, but at this point I really cannot do otherwise
Your offer and trust that delights me, but I am very sorry, but at this moment I cannot do anything for you

May be refused politely and without emotion
Although it is not your duty, you should explain the other reason for your negative response.
Negative decisions and counterparty receives more easily.

If you demonstrate an understanding will ring your "No" much better. A nice gesture is, if you appreciate that the other party graced a suggestion or a request.

Sometimes there is no need to dismiss. Maybe you'll have time to help tomorrow or in part, or you can think of another solution beneficial to both parties.

Finally, in many situations, the humor great way to soften the negative content of your answers
Saying "No" you simply must learn so as to drive a car.

With certainty, but without emotion and aggression
Reprogram yourself! 10 tips on how to resist pessimism and optimism start
Experts say that pessimistic thinking is never innate, but learned.

Pessimism is, in short, only one way to learn to mind our work. Are you one of those people who wake up in the morning with a smile and enjoys what new experience?

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