April 15, 2014

Truth About Cellulite-Cellulite treatment is acupuncture?

Cellulite treatment is acupuncture?

Hold the ice cold water after a shower is good practice to make cellulite?

According to experts, the most important solution, to improve blood circulation in the cellulite area!
Promises to be vigilant against undue

Cellulite; treatment in the early stages but it is likely to decline with advancing stages of the treatment success rate is declining slightly.

Especially for patients with advanced disease, "we guarantee 100 per cent cure" the centers of conscious approach is required.

Of course with combination therapy has a higher chance of cellulite decline but never "100 percent cure" an ambitious promise cannot be spent.

Therefore, patients initially places give precise information is very important.
METHODS FOR THE TREATMENT OF CELLULITE meson therapy: 4 mm, special needles and into the middle layer of the skin through an injector is to inject special solutions.

8-12 sessions a week or 15 days, positive results can be applied. LPGA: Volume applying vacuum devices.
Aspiration (suction) and turning actions using both the skin and subcutaneous tissues negative pressure is applied is based on principles.

Acupuncture: Body of the various key points by the needles reach the water and fat cells activates.
Ozone theray: fat cells with oxygen, clearing the burning of fat aims.

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