April 25, 2014

Pelvic exercises simplest cure for urinary incontinence in women

Incidence of urinary incontinence diseases embarrassing facing the ladies, where infection leads to that case to the reluctance of women from social life, the incidence of urinary incontinence (the inability of women to control urination) among women of painful problems which lead to weakness of women's self-confidence
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The disease incontinence is diagnosed by a doctor and Gynecologists, by clinical examination of the urinary system, and seeks examination to detect the occurrence drooping uterus atrophy of the vagina, or the presence of tumors of the pelvis, and during the scan pushing women strongly on the abdomen with the pressure on the bottom of the vagina to the extent women not infected with urinary incontinence.

The complete series analysis through an analysis of Paul and analysis of farm stools in addition to planning the bladder, and in the worst case analysis is performed endoscopic bladder to make sure the infection, and in most cases, the infection of the urethra the main cause of injury to women urinary incontinence, so treatment begins inflammation recurrent urinary treatment neuro-genic bladder,

and are trained to strengthen pelvic muscles to control the number of times bedwetting and lead it to tighten the neck of the bladder and during this treatment is preferred recording the number of times urination, and the number of times the possibility of adjusting the urine, and the number of times an inability to adjust, and if there is not any therapeutic response becomes a surgical intervention of the latter, and you need that surgery to stay in hospital for several days.

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