April 16, 2014

John Barban-Weight loss - basic points

Lose weight - diet for weight loss for beginners
Diet for weight loss for those who want to start with yourself to do something and it's very slight.
Weight loss at Menu

The main change your character will mainly modifications in diet.

The principles of how to eat properly see the article

Weight loss - basic points
Here you can select the most crucial: because when you're starving, you just lose weight and muscles to hang them remain ugly fats. (1kg of fat is twice the volume of more than 1 kg of muscle) On a nice, solid physique to lose fat now - stretched over the muscles are not visible.

Eat regularly to keep the body never went hungry during the day. So eat a little, but it eats all the time. The menu will consist of 5-7 meals spaced evenly throughout the day.

There are sample menus and instructions on how to assemble your own diet.
Eating well just eat the right food, in the first instance to discard what is clear to everyone - with cupcakes, cakes and bacon probably not lose weight no.

Then study to find out what is in the food you eat.

Observe data on protein, fat, carbohydrates and sugars. How can you watch gradually lose what from your diet and discarding what you include. Then it is very important to adapt your refrigerator and pantry, but there is need for cooperation of the whole family.

There is a nice little article what do you have in the fridge

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