April 22, 2014

John Barban-Damages to strict dieting

Perhaps because of the fear of weight gain and fat accumulation and may feel embarrassed of your body shape, and so is eating meals that do not lead to weight gain anything for you deadbeat.

The think about what can you eat or you cannot eat may focus your thoughts about dieting, food, and your body, which takes you to most of your day has been moving away from friends or family most of the time to think about the weight of anxiety severe than the increase in weight, has been moving away also from the exercise of your normal daily with relish, and often try to focus all in pursuit of different ways to lose weight,
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but you can imagine that you have up to the extent of the disease to their quest continuing behind weight loss and whatever you thin trying to do all the roads, fearing an increase in weight, and whatever you skinny body that it is not enough to maintain the agility and body shape slim, which may cause a disease anorexia .

truth is that anorexia is a disorder that seriously, and thought to have the disease loss of appetite they are so that they can access to perfect in their lives, but the fact that anorexia may lead to many problems and needs anorexic patient with appropriate treatment psychological support because it may destroy itself without the feel, and it needs the anorexic patient to restore the pattern of health and self-confidence. Types of disease Anorexia nervosa: There are two types of anorexia.

In a kind of restriction loss of appetite, weight loss is achieved by restricting calories by diets low-calorie, fasting and exercise are redundant and there is another kind of loss of appetite to achieve weight loss by vomiting or using laxatives and diuretics.

Patient anorexia can answer these questions to determine the extent of illness anorexia: - Do you feel that your body many of fat in spite of the non-existence so clearly? - Are you afraid of gaining weight? - Do you feel between friends or family concerned about your weight loss, and habits eat, or appearance? -
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Is diet and exercise compulsively, or purge the feeling when you are overwhelmed or bad about yourself? - Do you feel powerful or in control when you go without food, excessive exercise, or purge? - Are you watching Always weight and body size? Anorexia is not a problem, especially by weight or food only

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