April 17, 2014

Joey Atlas-Ways to rid yourself of cellulite


Cosmetic surgeries are very common in recent times based on liposuction of the body by vacuum suction device. Conducting liposuction, which takes anywhere from one to three hours in an outpatient under local anesthetic normally.
Begins surgeon general anesthetic for the area that will be addressed over the skin, then made a small rip and the purpose of a thin tube with a hollow move it back and forth which disassembles fat cells from their positions in the buttocks, thighs, hips and abdomen can even inhaled through the suction tool.

You may feel pain after the demise of Mrs. anesthesia, which can be mitigated pain analgesics, as the recovery period may last for several weeks, during which prevents the exercise extreme exposure to the sun.

If the suction process conducted waist down, have to wear clothes resemble bandages belt is too narrow for a month, day and night to reduce swelling and help heal the treated area, but the process may leave some scarring effects on the skin. In general, liposuction is considered safe if conducted by qualified doctors are rarely serious complications with the patient.

It is interesting that liposuction does not eliminate all types of Sulailot, some of which will return again in the event of continuing weight fluctuations and do not follow a strict diet

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