April 16, 2014

Joey Atlas-10 Tips to Fight Cellulite

10 Tips to Fight Cellulite

Cellulite is an aesthetic problem that bothers a lot of women and about 90% of the female population suffers from this problem, so before thinking about treatments must think about methods to prevent its occurrence.

Cellulite is a problem that bothers about 90% of the population feminine. See 10 awesome tips to combat it.

Cellulite is characterized by an appearance popularly known as orange peel is the accumulation of fat that cause lumps and leave an unsightly appearance of the skin as if full of holes.

To combat cellulite is needed daily care remembering that cellulite is not only an aesthetic but also health problem.
Maintain a healthy diet avoid intake of processed foods and full of food preservatives, sugar and excess salt should be avoided.

Sugar acts in the body disrupting the cells of collagen and contribute to premature aging and loss of skin elasticity.

The Sale an enemy for those who have cellulite, because it contributes to fluid retention thus favoring the emergence of the problem

Water in Fighting Cellulite

Consuming plenty of water is essential for the treatment of cellulite and prevent its emergence, water helps to flush out toxins in addition to maintaining skin's natural moisture.

Physical exercises Physical exercises are essential for a healthy life not only preventing and treating cellulite, but many health problems.

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