April 18, 2014

John Barban Review-Because the accumulation of fat is our enemy

Because the accumulation of fat is our enemy

The accumulation of fat in the body is becoming a global epidemic.

It's amazing to see how obesity is spreading over the population, without any government try to solve this problem.
Daily In the fight against obesity a major episode is the fight against fat. Actually, today is very shown that all happens because of the fats and the foods that should be recommended are those so-called "good fats".

The nutritionist Israel Ruiz Estrada explains what is the process by which is produced the accumulation of fat in our body.
Causes the accumulation of fat
First of all, we explain how the fats in our body work. Some clear concepts:
Fat cells have allows a smoother exit of the energy which is obtained by "burning" the fatty acids, glucose and amino acids into the mitochondria of the cell.

Mitochondria are cellular organelles that are responsible for providing energy to the cells.
Fats become part of our cell plasma membrane (membrane lining and defines a cell).
If a person eats frequently throughout his life "good fats" (mono and polyunsaturated) are creating flexible permeable plasma membrane, where the energy passes easily for use.

Because the accumulation of fat is our enemy? However, if that person eats calls "bad fats" (saturated and trans) creates a very rigid and inflexible and thus energy will cost to exit the plasma membrane, remaining stored in the cells themselves and producing more fat and - more visible overweight and obesity.

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